EmpowerUAV Webinar

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicles industry is literally taking off and is currently birthing new life, new opportunities, and new challenges in US national airspace as well as internationally. The Empower UAV FREE Drone Session is designed as an introduction to the next big advancement in technology and aviation. During this educational seminar participants will:
1) Learn to identify the major UAV public & private market segments;
2) Be able to recognize the equipment platforms associated with the market major and sub-market segment applications;
3) Recognize the associated direct and ancillary opportunities spawned from the advent of drone development;
4) Understand the proposed FAA rules effecting the UAV industry;
5) Develop career pathways to excel professionally in a rapidly developing industry;
6) Be introduced into a network of other professionals with similar career goals; and,
7) Receive the critical documents necessary to advance professionally in the UAV industry

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