Drone aerial photography has closed in on the real estate industry. This new aerial perspective allows contractors, realtors, and even prospect clients to get a whole new prospective and see aspects of the properties of interest that they may not be able to see from a simple walk through of the property. Empower UAV can utilize our aerial photography capabilities to take you through the entire real estate process from start to finish.

From developing ortho-stitched elevation and topographic maps to determining the volumetrics of certain spaces, Empower UAV provides contracting and construction companies with the perfect tool for surveying and mapping out projects.

Once real estate agents are ready to begin the selling process, Empower UAV’s drone aerial photography expertise produces an optimal marketing and sales tool for real estate agents to showcase their listings to potential clients. With our complete and edited marketing videos, realtors have an opportunity to stand out and differentiate themselves from their competitors.


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